Association Committees

Constitution & Bylaw

Constitution & Bylaws – responsible for proposing, explaining & promoting any necessary amendments or revisions


Elections – conducts all Association elections (annual general elections, special elections, etc.) 

New Teachers

New Teachers – responsible for encouraging and involving younger educators in the work of the Association


Membership – conducts the annual membership campaign, develops and encourages understanding of the need for a strong union for educators

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Minority Affairs

Minority Affairs – encourages ethnic minority educators to become more knowledgeable and involved in the Association


Finance – responsible for the development of sound financial program(s) for the organization

Human Relations

Human Relations – develops positive programs and activities to improve human relationships

Instruction and Professional Development

Instruction & Professional Development (IPD) – gives leadership in improving standards, preparation and performance on the part of public school educators

Public Relations / Resolutions

Public Relations/Resolutions – develops public understanding of the purposes and programs of the Association

Reading Celebration

Reading Celebration– responsible for coordinating activities in celebration of reading and literacy

National Teacher Day & Banquet

National Teacher Day/Banquet – organizes and coordinates a spring banquet to show appreciation for our educators

Political Action

Political Action Committee (elected body) – recommends for public office those candidates who will support public schools and educators

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Professional Rights and Responsiblities

Professional Rights & Responsibilities (PR&R) – provides leadership in matters pertaining to the rights and responsibilities of members