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We Did It! - Over 52% of Shelby County Educators have chosen M-SCEA as their choice for representation. Thank You Teachers. We will work hard to restore a professional salary schedule, teacher benefits, daily planning time, a quality curriculum and professional voice!


Africa In April 2019 - Showcasing the Republic of NIGERIA ...

Muhammadu-Buhari  (President)

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National Teacher Day Gala

A Growing National Trend


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New Children's Upcoming Book Release by Alice Faye Duncan

State Commisioner Dr. Candice McQueen speaks at M-SCEA

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Your PECCA Vote - Why M-SCEA is the RIGHT choice!

... A Greater Voice for Educators

Our Mission

Our Mission: The Memphis-Shelby County Education Association, as the collective voice of its members, promotes, advances and protects quality education, the rights and interests of members, learning for all children, and the education profession.

Strategic Principles

The Memphis-Shelby County Education Association will collaborate with other stakeholders in public education to:

Improve the quality of the teaching force

Seek higher levels of student achievement

Promote democratic dynamics, fairness, and due process for all

 Improve the terms and conditions under which adults and children work and learn


Supporting those who support our students!

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