2019 M-SCEA Election Details

Tuesday, April 2 – Tuesday, April 9

There is a full slate of candidates this year. Their campaign statements are provided on this website so members can make informed choices. 

Click on a position listed below and you’ll be directed to the candidates for that position.



* Anthony D. Harris

* Jolie Madihalli

* Margaret Raquel Williams

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  * Sarah K. Harper

* Dr. Anntriniece Napper

* Mildred J. Williams

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* Crystal E. Harper

* Rosemary Winters

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* Brian J. Bigard, Sr.

* Tabatha L. Holmes

* Sonia D. Brown

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ELEMENTARY School Director

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* Tina M. Crawford

* Jean W. Farmer

* April Jeffries

* Candace M. Smith

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MIDDLE School Director

  Vote for 1 

* Charlotte Fields

* Cheryl L. Bailey

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